Module 15 Quiz

1. If you use alternative treatments, which ones should you tell your doctor and care team about?

a) None, they only need to know about regular medicine
b) Only treatments you think they'd approve of
c) Only treatments you're not sure about
d) Everything you use, even if it seems harmless

2. When you have kidney disease, which alternative therapies may be safe for you?

a) Treatments that affect your brain
b) Treatments done on the outside of your body
c) Treatments you can eat or drink
d) Treatments that can cause allergies

3. Which practitioner has the same professional status as an MD?

a) Naturopath
b) Osteopath
c) Chiropractor
d) Acupuncturist

4. When President Nixon came back from China in 1972, what was brought into the U.S.?

a) Yoga
b) Meditation
c) Acupuncture
d) Shiatsu

5. Which medical model uses the elements of air, fire, and water, plus the seasons?

a) Ayurveda
b) Acupuncture
c) Osteopathy
d) Homeopathy

6. Which term is used by ancient cultures for a life force or energy that moves through the body?

a) Guru
b) Karma
c) Dojo
d) Qi

7. Many alternative therapies are:

a) Holistic
b) Electric
c) Myopic
d) Symmetric

8. Kidney School does not recommend that people with kidney disease take Chinese herbs because:

a) Their names are too hard to say
b) They can cause kidney failure
c) They are too costly
d) They are not available in the U.S.

9. Many alternative therapies are believed to help healing because they:

a) Raise body temperature
b) Make you forget your illness
c) Cause a rash
d) Help restore balance to the body

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