Module 14 Quiz

1. Knowing about your rights as a patient can help you to:

a) Get free drug prescriptions
b) Get the best care and make good decisions
c) Get more medical care for less money
d) Get rid of your health problem

2. You have a right to know all of the following except:

a) The name of your condition
b) Your doctor's home phone number
c) Possible problems that might happen down the road
d) All of the treatment options available to you

3. Once a treatment plan is in place, whose main job is it to follow the plan?

a) Your doctor's
b) Your nurses'
c) Your clinic staff's
d) Yours

4. If a staff person helping you is a trainee, you have the right to:

a) Ask a trained person to supervise them
b) Refuse treatment
c) Ask about his or her training and background
d) All of the above

5. When you take prescription drugs, which of these is not your job?

a) Know the chemical formula of each drug
b) Know what each drug is for
c) Know what side effects each drug might have
d) Take the drug at the right time, in the right dose

6. You have the right to get a list of rules from your clinic and to be told when the rules change.

a) True
b) False

7. If you have a grievance about your clinic or how a staff person treats you, your best first step is to:

a) Go to the media
b) File a lawsuit
c) Complain to your family
d) Talk to the person you have a problem with

8. An Advance Directive is:

a) Driving directions your clinic mails you before your first visit
b) A way for you to describe your medical wishes
c) A way for your doctor to give you instructions
d) A legal notice of your clinic's rules and policies

9. You have the right to decide what treatment you want for kidney disease, and to change treatments if your treatment:

a) Doesn't fit your lifestyle
b) Doesn't make you feel better
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

10. If you decide to change doctors, make sure you:

a) Don't tell your current doctor
b) Ask for a copy of your medical records to be sent to your new doctor
c) Apologize to your current doctor for leaving
d) Move to another state

You've finished the test! We'll show you the correct answers so you can see how you did.

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