Module 11 Quiz

1. Feeling good about ______ is key to a healthy sexual relationship:

a) Your job
b) Yourself
c) Your car
d) Your genitals

2. The danger of feeling unlovable or dependent is that:

a) You may overcompensate in other areas
b) You may spend too much money
c) You may have high self-esteem
d) You may push your partner away

3. "Nobody will ever want me" is an example of:

a) The truth with kidney disease
b) Worthless psychobabble
c) Negative self-talk
d) A song lyric

4. Which of the following would not harm your "body image?"

a) Shiny, lustrous hair
b) Ammonia breath
c) Dry, itchy skin
d) Surgical scars

5. To improve how you feel about your body, you can:

a) Avoid looking in the mirror
b) View your scars as signs of battles you have fought and won
c) Eat comfort foods
d) Stay away from other people

6. Anemia can interfere with your sex life by:

a) Making it hard to sleep at night
b) Giving you bad breath
c) Making your hair fall out
d) Causing overwhelming fatigue

7. Which of the following can be a good solution for feeling tired?

a) Sleeping at least 14 hours a day
b) Taking caffeine pills
c) Getting regular exercise
d) Eating more blue foods

8. If you feel anxious or depressed and are having sexual problems, you should:

a) Put on a "happy face" and stop dwelling on these things
b) Ignore it and hope it will get better
c) Talk to a social worker or other counselor
d) Postpone having sex for a while

9. One way to improve your relationship with your partner is to:

a) Hide your feelings
b) Share your feelings
c) Buy costly gifts
d) Assume all is well

10. You can improve intimacy in your relationship by:

a) Talking with your partner
b) Ignoring your partner
c) Watching TV with your partner
d) Listening to your partner snoring

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