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Module 11—Sexuality and Fertility

Surgical scars

As we get older, surgeries and accidents have a way of marking us. You can view your scars as signs of the battles you have fought and won, or you can be embarrassed about them and hide them from others. The scars are the same either way—and the choice is yours. No one wins the battle with kidney disease without scars from vascular accesses, PD catheters, or a kidney transplant. Remember that no matter what your body looks like on the outside, you are still the same on the inside.

Bob and I have gotten to the level of kidding about the PD catheter and transfer set. I tell him he looks like a futuristic character in a sci-fi movie—like he can plug himself into any system. When I first saw the tube, I really liked it because it's keeping my husband alive and hopefully living a comfortable life. It's his lifeline, and I am sooo grateful it's there. We both like his tube!

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