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Module 9—Nutrition and Fluids for People on Dialysis :: More Reading

Additional Resources

In addition to the free Life Options materials you can find at, the resources below may help you learn more about the topics in this module of Kidney School.

Kidney Disease Cookbooks and Recipes

  1. Chinese Renal Kitchen, by British Columbia Chinese Nutrition Consultants
    (1999, ISBN: 0-9682870-0-X)
    This cookbook modifies Chinese recipes for people with kidney disease, and also lists potassium and sodium content in various Chinese foods. To order, call 604-806-8141. (Written in both English and Chinese.)
  2. Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook, by Sara Colman, RD, CDE, and Dorothy Gordon, BS, RN
    (Culinary Kidney Cooks, July 2000, ISBN-13: 978-0970161703)
    This guide for people with kidney disease comes in a 3-ring binder with a spillproof cover. This up-to-date guide is filled with information on food composition, tips, portions, menus, and easy-to-follow recipes. To order, visit or call 714-842-4684.
  3. Creative Cooking for Renal Diabetic Diets, by Pat Ellis and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    (Senay Publishing, October 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0941511018)
    This cookbook features kitchen-tested recipes in extra large print. To order, visit or call toll-free 800-850-6987.
  4. The Gourmet Renal Cookbook (2nd Ed.), developed by the patients and health care professionals of the Sol Goldman Renal Therapy Center Dialysis Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital
    Features include food value information and professionally-tested recipes. To order, call 212-434-3266.
  5. The Kidney Helper® Cookbook, by Bob and Nathalie Lutfy, created with Mary Pinto, RD
    This large-print cookbook features easy-to-prepare recipes, with food values listed. The book includes tips, many renal resources, plus metric conversion charts. To order, call 877-248-2331, or visit
  6. Living Well on Dialysis: A Cookbook for Patients and Their Families, by the NKF Council on Renal Nutrition
    Available free online at, this cookbook features sample menus, a spice guide, and recipes.
  7. The Renal Family Cookbook, developed with the cooperation of the medical community and kidney patient population across Canada
    The book features a variety of unique recipes that conform to a kidney patient meal plan. To order, visit or call toll-free 888-834-1001.
  8. The Renal Gourmet: Or What to Eat When Your Kidneys Quit, by Mardelle Peters
    This cookbook, written by a kidney patient and analyzed by renal dietitians and a nephrologist, features recipes, information on meal planning and cooking, renal nutrition tips for non-diabetic and diabetic diets, and more. To order, visit
  9. The Southwest Cookbook, edited by Jacqueline S. Chase, RD, LD; Valerie M. Conner, MS, RD, LD; and Annabella MacHatton, MS, RD, LD
    This cookbook was a project of the El Paso Chapter, Council on Renal Nutrition, and the National Kidney Foundation of Texas, Inc., and was funded by an educational grant from Amgen Inc. It features recipes and nutrient and exchange information. Available online for viewing or download at

Food Value and Nutrition Guides

  1. Bowes & Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used (18th Ed.), by Jean A. T. Pennington, PhD, RD, and Judith S. Douglass
    (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, June 2008, ISBN-13: 978-0781782890)
    This classic guide to nutrition has been around since 1937. Now completely updated, this easy-to-reference guide features information on nutritional values of foods and lists more than 8,500 common foods, organized by food groups.
  2. National Nutrient Database, by the USDA
    This database has nutrient lists for foods, and you can look for specific nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, B vitamins, etc. Lists are available in alphabetical order or by the nutrient content from highest to lowest. Visit the website at

Other Materials

  1. AAKP Nutrition Counter: A Reference for the Kidney Patient, by the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP)
    If you would like more information, call 800-749-2257, or download a copy from their website at Other renal diet resources are available at


  1. – DaVita Diet Helper
    This site will let you plan meals for a day or a week on any type of dialysis. Easy and powerful—and free.
  2. – Alleready Foods
    Offering a line of frozen entrées that meet the needs of people with diabetes and/or people on dialysis.
  3. – The Delicious Milk Company, Inc.
    Founded by a nephrologist, this company offers lower-phosphorus Dairy Delicious® milk and cheese products for people with CKD.
  4. – Kidney Helper potassium and phosphorus guides
  5. for Living Well: Tips for Healthy Eating
    Provided by the AKF.
  6. – Renal Diet Menu Maker
  7. www.renalweb.comThe Well-Nourished Patient
    Links from RenalWeb.

Please note: Life Options does not endorse these materials. Rather, we believe you are the best person to choose what will meet your needs from these or other resources you find. Please check with your local library, bookstore, or the internet to find these items.

Module 9—Nutrition and Fluids for People on Dialysis :: More Reading