Module 8 Quiz

1. A vascular access is:

a) A birth defect that can cause kidney failure
b) An unusual pattern of blood vessels on the skin
c) A passage to the bloodstream for hemodialysis
d) A hole in the blood vessel

2. Vascular access is called the dialysis lifeline because:

a) You use it to lower yourself into the chair
b) You use it to get HD and have only a few possible sites
c) You get all your food and drugs through it
d) You need it to go swimming when you are on dialysis

3. Why is a fistula the best type of access?

a) It can last longest and is least likely to get infected or clotted
b) It looks best and lets you wear short sleeves
c) It can be used for HD the same day it is created
d) It can easily be moved from one arm to the other

4. The biggest problem with a graft for dialysis is:

a) A graft can fall out if it becomes infected
b) A graft is hard to put dialysis needles into
c) A graft gets bigger and bigger over time
d) A graft is prone to infection and clotting

5. A catheter is the last choice for permanent access because:

a) It dissolves in water, and is very inconvenient
b) It has poor blood flow, and is easily infected and clotted
c) It must be placed under water
d) It can only be used by a doctor

6. Which type of dialysis catheter is recommended for kidney patients?

a) Femoral, because it is the most convenient
b) Subclavian, because it is the easiest to use
c) Internal jugular, because it is the easiest on the blood vessels
d) External jugular, because it is the most comfortable

7. Which of the following are signs of possible access infection?

a) Warmth, redness, tenderness, swelling
b) Sneezing, sniffling, coughing, sore throat
c) Cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
d) Headaches, blurred vision, shortness of breath

8. You can check your bruit each day by monitoring its _____:

a) Color
b) Smell
c) Sound
d) Feel

9. You can check your thrill each day by monitoring its _____:

a) Color
b) Smell
c) Sound
d) Feel

10. Why should you never compress a fistula or graft with a tight watch or bracelet, or by sleeping on your access arm?

a) Because the chaffing can cause infection
b) Because the buzzing will damage your jewelry
c) Because your sleep will be disturbed
d) Because squeezing the access slows blood flow and makes clots more likely

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