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Module 7—Understanding Kidney Lab Tests :: More Reading

Additional Resources

In addition to the free Life Options materials you can find at, the resources below may help you learn more about the topics in this module of Kidney School.


  1. The Patients's Guide to Medical Tests: Everything You Need to Know About the Tests Your Doctor Orders, by Joseph C. Segen, MD, and Josie Wade, RN
    (Amazon Remainders Account, May 2002, ISBN-10: 0816046514)
    This guide lists 1,000-plus commonly used medical tests in alphabetical order. Entries describe each test, preparation, procedures used, the range of values for those free of the disease, symptoms seen with abnormal values, costs, cautions to be used in reading the results, and possible risks.
  2. The Yale University School of Medicine Patient's Guide to Medical Tests, by Barry L. Zaret, MD (Editor), Peter Jatlow, MD (Editor), and Lee D. Katz, MD
    (Houghton Mifflin, July 1997, ISBN-13: 978-0395765364)
    A complete book on diagnostic tests that answers questions patients are often afraid to ask, such as: Will it hurt? How long will it take? Who will be in charge? Are there any risks? What do the results mean? What's the next step? Hundreds of tests are described in clear language and presented in easy-to-follow charts. You'll also learn what you should and should not do before the test and what factors may alter the results. This book covers tests you can do at home, as well as tests ordered by doctors.

Other Materials

  1. Quick Facts: Medical Tests of Kidney Function, by the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)
    If you would like more information, please call 800-891-5390, email, or visit their website at

Please note: Life Options does not endorse these materials. Rather, we believe you are the best person to choose what will meet your needs from these or other resources you find. Please check with your local library, bookstore, or the internet to find these items.

Module 7—Understanding Kidney Lab Tests :: More Reading