Module 7 Quiz

1. Hematocrit measure the _____ of red blood cells in the blood.

a) Texture
b) Percent
c) Color
d) Length

2. Ferritin measures the amount of _____ stored in the body.

a) Tin
b) Calories
c) Phosphorus
d) Iron

3. You can think of electrolytes as:

a) Special light bulbs used to examine blood samples
b) Glow-in-the-dark blood cells
c) Electrical signals
d) Vitamin supplements for people with kidney disease

4. Which of the following is not an electrolyte?

a) Calcium
b) Potassium
c) Creatinine
d) Phosphorus

5. In medical terms, the word "hyper" means:

a) On the left side of the body
b) Above or more than the usual level
c) A dark color
d) A test done weekly

6. The waste product that results from normal use of muscle during activity is:

a) Creatinine
b) Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
c) Liver enzymes
d) Transferrin saturation (TSAT)

7. According to the medical guidelines for the care of people with kidney disease, the best test to measure kidney function is the:

a) Renal ultrasound
b) Hemoglobin
c) Cholesterol
d) Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)

8. The creatinine clearance test requires a urine sample to be collected over a _____ period.

a) 5-minute
b) 3-week
c) 12-day
d) 24-hour

9. Protein (albumin or microalbuminuria) in the urine can be a sign of:

a) A diet with a lot of protein in it
b) Damage to the kidney's filtering units
c) Strong, healthy muscles
d) Not drinking enough water

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