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Module 6 Quiz

1. Anemia is a shortage of:

a) Fluid-loaded blood plasma
b) Oxygen-carrying red blood cells
c) Infection-fighting white blood cells
d) Blood clotting factors

2. Anemia starts:

a) Early in kidney disease
b) Rarely in kidney disease
c) At the point when dialysis or a kidney transplant is needed
d) After years of dialysis

3. Anemia is a problem for many with kidney disease because:

a) They urinate out red blood cells and don't have enough
b) Their red blood cells explode from kidney toxins
c) They have enough red blood cells, but their bodies can't use them
d) Their bodies do not make enough erythropoietin

4. The hormone that triggers the bone marrow to make red blood cells is called:

a) LEO
c) EPO

5. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of anemia?

a) Feeling cold all the time
b) Fatigue and lack of energy
c) Shortness of breath and chest pain
d) A skin rash

6. Treatment for anemia may include:

a) Injections of an ESA and iron supplements
b) Injections of an ESA and vitamin D pills
c) Iron and blood transfusions
d) Iron and vitamin D pills

7. Which iron based protein gives red blood cells their color and round shape?

a) Ferritin
b) Hematocrit
d) Hemoglobin

8. A new way to receive iron is:

a) Skin patch
b) Dialysate
c) Food sprinkles
d) Enema

9. It is best to avoid blood transfusions if you want a kidney transplant:

a) True
b) False

You've finished the test! We'll show you the correct answers so you can see how you did.

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