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Module 2—Treatment Options for Kidney Failure

Some people wait as long as they can before they start treatment. New studies show that this may be a wise move. Talk with your doctor about how you feel and when to start treatment.

Why should you learn about the treatments for chronic kidney disease (CKD)? Because knowing about all of the options can help you feel more in control.

To have a good quality of life, many people need to feel like they're in control. But being in control and having treatment for kidney failure sound like opposites. Are they? That depends on how you look at it—how much control you feel you have over the disease and its treatment.

What Happens When Kidneys Fail?

When the kidneys fail, treatment is needed to filter out wastes and extra fluid from the bloodstream. If you need to learn about how kidneys work, read Module 1—Kidneys: How They Work, How They Fail, What You Can Do.

In general, how much control do you feel you have over the kidney disease?

Lots. I feel like there are things I can do.
None. I feel like a victim of kidney disease.
Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of it, other times I feel overwhelmed by it.

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