Kidney School™—a program of Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Module 1—Kidneys: How They Work, How They Fail, What You Can Do


Kidney School will do more than just give you facts. We want to empower you to use what you learn. The three keys to a long life with chronic kidney disease are having a positive attitude, getting answers, and taking action.

The first question you might be asking is, "Why should I learn about normal kidney function when my (or my loved one's) kidneys don't work well any more?" Great question! Here are some ways that knowing what kidneys were designed to do can help you:

  • You'll know what happens in the body when the kidneys fail.
  • You'll be able to ask the doctor about treatments that may help slow down kidney failure.
  • You'll be more aware of how kidney disease and its treatment can affect you (or your loved one).
  • You'll be able to speak with your health care team in an informed and confident way.

The more you know about kidney disease and how the body works, the more control you will feel over your health!

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