Kidney School™—a program of Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Introduction—Living Successfully with Kidney Disease

Kidney School is organized into modules; each module addresses an important topic that every non-medical CKD expert ought to know about. The modules are full of practical information that you can use every day. They are all self-paced, which means you can work through them at whatever speed you like. Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete.

We offer a short quiz at the beginning of each module to test your current knowledge. After you've gone through a module, you can take the test again to measure what you've learned. You'll also be able to print a certificate of completion as a reminder of the knowledge base you are building.

You can read the modules in an order that interests you. We suggest you start with Module 1—Kidneys: How They Work, How They Fail, What You Can Do. This module gives an overview of kidney function and disease, and some very helpful ways to start sorting out your own life with CKD.

We at Kidney School want to help you feel confident about your knowledge, your life skills, and your ability to speak to your care team in an informed way. Most of all, we want to give you a sense of hope. We know many people with CKD who are living full and active lives. In our research, we've learned things from those people that we will share with you in the Kidney School modules. We welcome your comments and suggestions about Kidney School.

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