Kidney School™—a program of Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Introduction—Living Successfully with Kidney Disease

You are the only one who can make those important daily decisions that add up to a healthy life for you or for those you're responsible for. This means that you need to become an expert on CKD.

You don't need to get a medical degree. Your job is to become an expert in how kidney disease affects you or your loved one. This means learning all you can about how kidneys work and what happens when they stop working, treatment options, medications, and so on.

Becoming an expert means looking for and absorbing information. And that is what Kidney School is all about: giving you accurate, useful, and interesting information that will help you to become your own expert.

In fact, hundreds of people who are living with kidney disease have told us that there are three Keys to a Long Life:

  1. A positive attitude – finding the good side of things
  2. Getting answers – asking questions, becoming an expert
  3. Taking action – following the treatment plan

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