Kidney School™—a program of Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Introduction—Living Successfully with Kidney Disease


You hold the key that unlocks a long and fulfilling life.

You or someone close to you has CKD and this means certain changes need to be made. But you can have a long, active, and meaningful life if you want it—and if you take your job seriously.

What job, you might be asking? I didn't ask for CKD. Why should I have to live with all of the changes and hassles that go along with it?

You're right, you didn't ask for this or deserve it. No one does. But now that you have been told you have CKD, you must understand that you are the one who can make the daily decisions that will help you stay as healthy as possible.

But wait a minute. What about the doctors and nurses who tell me what to do? Aren't they the experts? Shouldn't I listen to them?

Of course you should listen and consult with them as needed. Your care team is a vital part of managing your CKD. But they treat hundreds of patients and may only see you at clinic visits. Who then makes all of the daily decisions about food choices, taking medications, staying active, getting treatment, etc.?

The answer, of course, is you.

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